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  • 5 February 2024
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I’m testing DocuSign within Power Automate with a document that has multiple checkboxes. Is there a way to add multiple checkbox tabs to a document? The issue I’m running into is I have multiple anchor strings for each checkbox and they all show up, but when I select one of the checkboxes in DocuSign all checkboxes change to that selected value.  Is there a way to make each checkbox independent of one another?  Am not seeing this issue with the Initials tab type.


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4 replies

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The data label of the checkboxes need to be different, otherwise they are connected to each other.

It sounds like multiple checkboxes are added, either through the same anchor string or with different anchor strings. For the same anchor string, this is expected behaviour as the values populate across the fields with the same data label. If you have multiple different anchor strings, please make sure to give them an unique data label. This will create independent checkboxes.

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I’ve been using different anchor strings but the names are similar (/check1/, /check2/, etc).

So what you’re saying each anchor tag should be completely unique and the issue I’m having is the anchor tags all have the same word in them?

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Different anchor strings is already good and there is no need to change anything here. You can use the same word in them that is not an issue. We need to focus on the Data Label which allows data replication and seems to be causing the issue here.

If there are multiple /check1/ anchor tags, all checkboxes with the same anchor string will have the same value. If you tick one of them, all of them will be ticked or unticked due to data replication.

In the definition of the checkboxes that are put on top of the anchor strings /check1/, /check2/ they need to have a different Data Label in DocuSign eSignature. If the Data Label is the same, values will be replicated across the different fields, this is by design and useful for other use cases.

I quickly created a draft to show you which “Data Label” I mean that needs to be unique in the field definition:


There is also a DocuSign Support Article on Data Replication:

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@Michael.Rave Thank you I got it now. I didn’t have the following set in the workflow step: