How to sign a document with authentication code included (the digits) and not only my name? Thanks. Jovana

  • 7 September 2023
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Thank you for reaching out here in the DocuSign Community.

I understand you would like to add the digits with your name when signing. To better provide you with an answer, can you provide more information?

Are you looking for the whole amount of digits to appear, or do you not see them at all?

If you do not see them, that is because the sending account has removed the frame from their signer's signature when signing the documents they send:

If it's the case that you want the digits to appear completely and not only a fraction of it, please note that the Signature frame with extra information is placed around the signer’s signatures and initials to make it easy to recognize the signature was created by DocuSign with a unique code for each user, and it is normal and expected behavior that it shows the dots at the end (the complete code will not show). However, this information appears on the documents, including the Certificate of Completion, sent from the account. 

Let us know if you need further assistance with this.

Best regards,

Nathaly | DocuSign Community Moderator

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