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  • 18 April 2024
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we have embebed DocuSign with our web application for signing documents. we are facing an issue that when someone first time sign a document using embebed DocuSign : after signing DocuSign is not redirecting to the url that is specified as redirect url in DocuSign developer account. but after first signing it is redirecting to the correct url.

2 replies

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Hello, @Ejaz Ashraf 


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There are two primary causes of this error, either an incorrect URI is being passed to Docusign, or a correct URI has not been registered for the integration key.


Read this article to see what to do:,registered%20for%20the%20integration%20key.


I hope that helps.



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Thanks @Alexandre.Augusto ,

I appreciate the information and have double-checked both the URI being passed to DocuSign and the registration of that URI for our integration key. Everything seems to be configured correctly.

Here's the interesting part: The redirect issue only occurs on a new user's first attempt at signing a document within our project. Subsequent attempts for that same user work perfectly, redirecting them to the intended URL (

Is there anything specific to new user experiences that might be causing this behavior? We're hoping to ensure a smooth experience for all users, especially on their first interaction with DocuSign embedded signing in our project.