If you have more than one user on your account are the emails generated from the main account or the users assigned email? How can you subscribe to multiple branding without transitioning to an enterprise account?

  • 16 April 2024
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Our company recently decided that we did not have the headcount to justify the cost of an enterprise account. With that said, we are thinking the best approach for our company is to transition our current HR account to the business pro web-based plan and instruct our employees with current accounts to merge or transfer their users to our account as it allows up to 50 users. This way we can consolidate our users to one account and not have 5-10 different accounts, if that makes sense. 

If we do this, when we add these users to our account (HR’s account) will the emails they generate come from their emails we assigned to them or will it come from the main account (say HR’s account)? 

Is there an option to subscribe to more than one branding option without having to open an enterprise account? The business pro web-based plan looks to only have one branding option, but we’re likely to branch out to other subsidiary company that I am sure would like to brand their emails separately. Again, we don’t have the headcount and buy-in to justify an enterprise account, but would like to see if there’s an option to purchase some of these one-off features like adding more branding options to an account. 

2 replies

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Since you have an Enterprise Account so you have access to your Account Executive. I suggest you talk to him/her about your needs and verify if there is an Add-On to increase the number of Brands in an account it is not Enterprise.


Also, on May in the USA, Docusign will release docusign IAM and other tailored solutions. It’s a good topic to talk with your Account Executive.


I hope that shed some light to your question.



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