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Flagging Inappropriate Posts and Inappropriate Behavior

  • 2 January 2024
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We want to ensure the Docusign Community is a safe place to interact online, get your Docusign-related questions answered, and interact with other Docusign users. 

If you see a Community post or response that uses hateful language or engages in inappropriate behavior such as bullying or harassment, please report it so we can review it immediately and take it down if warranted. 

Additionally, if you see a community post or response that does not follow the Docusign Community Code of Conduct you should report it so it can be reviewed by the community team as soon as possible. (Click here to see the Code of Conduct)

You’ll see three dots on the lower right corner of each post and response. You can click on those dots, and select Report to bring this inappropriate post or response to our attention. 




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