Dimensions for embedded image in CLM

  • 4 June 2024
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I’m new to the CLM tool and I am having trouble with the sizing of our company logo on the generated contract. We are using an embedded image tagger and converted our logo from a png using Base64.

The tagger looks like this:

<# <Image Select="//Xyz_Logo" Height="1" Width="3" Optional="true"/> #>

It pulls in our logo, but the sizing isn’t right. Everything I’ve found so far says the Height and Width have to be in inches and I can only use whole numbers (no decimals). How do I get around this limitation? Ideally, I need the height to be like .4 inches and the width to be like 1.79. 

1 reply

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To address the sizing limitation in the DocuSign CLM tool, consider these alternatives:

  1. Image Resizing Before Encoding: Resize your logo to the desired dimensions using an image editor before converting it to Base64. This way, the image will display correctly within the constraints of the tool.

  2. CSS Styling: I believe the CLM tool supports HTML and CSS, you can embed the image in a style tag or use inline CSS within the document to control the size more precisely, using percentages or other units.

  3. Adjust Image Dimensions: As a workaround, create a transparent canvas of the desired dimensions (in whole numbers of inches) and place your logo on it, maintaining the aspect ratio you need.