• 14 June 2024
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Hello. As a human resources specialist, I am responsible for the onboarding of multiple employees. When sending my templates I would like to remove myself as a recipient. When I do and replace the recipient name with the employee I am forced to recreate the template. What step am I missing? It is counterproductive to recreate a template, yet, as the employer I shouldn’t have to fill it out. Thank you!

3 replies

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Hi @Jeannine !

I'm sorry if I didn't understand your question correctly. Could you confirm if my understanding is correct?

You have one recipient in the template, and in the existing recipient you need to remove your information to include the new employees' information. And, when you try to do this through the Edit option, the platform asks you to create a new template. Correct?


Some points to check:

  1. Do you have permission to edit templates? Your user may only have permission to use templates and create new templates, without the ability to edit existing/shared ones.
  2. When editing the template, have you tried to keep the "new employee" recipient with blank data (in name and delivery)?

Again I apologize if I couldn't understand exactly what's going on.

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You could have a template only with the Employee as the recipient.   You don’t need add yourself.   As the sender, you will automatically get a copy of the completed envelope.   If you are not creating a template and only choosing to create the envelope every time, then all you need to do is add the employee's name and email address.

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