Invoice template for DocuSign Webform?


Dear colleagues,


Maybe someone has experience or already made a DocuSign template of a Web Form for invoice? 

Can DocuSign be used for creation of invoices by counterparties (we have some requirements in terms of naming of projects/deliverables) and their signature?


Maybe thanks in advance.

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I understand that you are looking to implement a Web Form to capture data that will be used in an envelope, and I will share more details on the topic.


In order to capture data that will be later used in an envelope, you will need to start your Web Form based on an existing template for the invoice that will be signed in the envelope.


You can start the process in Templates>Start>Web Forms. Next, you will pick the template to use for your Web Form, you can use an existing template or one from the DocuSign Template Library.


For detailed steps on this process, see:


Build a New Web Form


Docusign Web Forms Template Library


Create Interactive Fillable Forms for E-Signature with Web Forms


Note: Some advanced features and options are supported only in certain Docusign plans. Your account plan might not support some options discussed in this help topic.  


For more information about which options are available for your account, contact your account administrator. Or, visit our Plans and Pricing web page for more details on the features included with your plan. 


Compare eSignature plans & pricing  


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Hi @Bohdan Tretiakov,


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