I need to make a template where the first signer needs to know the name of the second signer

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Hello all, I send out an agreement between two parties numerous times throughout the day. 


My goal is to make a template where Signer 1 can see Singer 2’s full name in the name row, before Signer 2 opens the document. 

Signer 1 needs to see Signer 2’s name in order to know who Signer 1 is singing to approve. 

How can I do this?


I have attempted nearly every field that is offered in the template maker to no avail. My work around is to write the name of signer 2 in a text box or a note with the document, I would like to not have to do this and to prevent any errors it is best to be automated. 

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@N Beamer - If you add the Full Name tag, Signer 1 should be able to see Signer 2 Full name before they sign.


The Full Name Tag picks up the name from the Recipient information used to send the email. 

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I attempted to do John’s suggestion and this is what I get when previewing from Signer 1’s (Nathan) perspective. Can anyone show me how implement Signer 2’s name so that Singer 1 can see.

Please excuse my sloppy addition of names, each one is an attempt to see the name. 



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@N Beamer - Thank you for clarifying.   All you really need is this.  Signer 1 (Blue) and Signer 2 (Yellow)

When you use the preview option, it does not show you everything.   

But if you send a test envelope, you will see that Signer 2 (Nathan) will be able to see Signer 1 name.

You will also need to apply a Signing Order.  In this example, Signer 2 is going first then Signer 1.  I think that was the original request.  It might have changed along the way. 😁

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