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  • 1 February 2024
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I have created a new template, but when I got to save it, a little red window pops up saying “template is not locked” - is this referring to making fields mandatory or is there another area where I can “lock” it after I’ve created it?  Just trying to make sure my senders in my office can’t change certain things.  Thanks in advance!


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3 replies

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@Hilary Davis I have experienced this error before when saving my changes to a Template but it occurred when I lost internet connectivity in the middle on my edits.  Basically the changes that you made are likely unable to be saved due to the scenario that during the Template edits you may have dropped connection to the internet momentarily.  

Typically you would need to close the browser and re-login to the DocuSign UI and make these changes to the Template again because there is a good likelihood they did not save.

Regarding the Template protection, the bet option is to set a password on the Template under the “Advanced Options” of the Template while in Edit mode.  This means any other DocuSign Users with Template edit permissions would need the Template password “if” they tried to edit the Template you own.

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Fastest Solution. Go to your tab. Right click. Select “Duplicate”. The new tab will refresh with the same info you have been entering. It will now allow you to save and continue. I would like to type a lot more here to make it seem like I really understand the why and how this works. I don’t. Just trying to get contacts to customers and get paid. Hope this helps!!