• 5 April 2024
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I need to send a contract with the same information to 13 people to sign. The difference is with their names and rates of payment. Are those considered 13 different envelopes?

4 replies

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Yes, this would be 13 different envelopes. One for each recipient with their unique name and rates of payment. As in a paper based world you would send 13 envelopes individually to every recipient, this is the same in a paperless world.

Depending on your template and how the individual documents are created, you may want to look into DocuSign Bulk Send to send out these contracts with ease.

If it would be a single envelope, then all 13 recipients would see the documents from the other people, which is most likely not what you want to happen.

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I’m the admin and I created 3 users who can send envelopes. If they create any envelopes, I want to see the status on my ID as well as on their user IDs. Is this possible? Kindly advise

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Hello @Mohammed Akbar ,


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I understand you are the admin on the account and you would like to see the envelopes they send, however, I’m not quite sure what you mean by “ID”. Are you referring to your account? 


If so, they’re several ways to view the documents your users send. You can find them listed below:


  • First one would be to have the users add you as a Receives a Copy on the envelope, this way you can see the envelope directly on your account.
  • Another one would be to use Reports to check on the status of the envelopes sent by your user (you will not see the envelope directly on your account): Using Reports
  • A third option would be to search for the needed envelopes by using the following link and replacing “{envelopeID}” for the envelope ID on the needed document:{envelopeId} 
  • And the last option would be to share the users envelopes with yourself: Shared Access to Envelopes


Let us know if you need further assistance with this.


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