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  • 10 June 2024
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I am brand new to DocuSign.  So, I want to create a template for a retainer agreement.  I will send it to many different clients.  I need to change the client’s name, address, matter, and salutation on each agreement.  Is there a way to do this once the template is created.  I thought I could leave the spaces blank on the template, and then type the information in a text box for each agreement.  This did not work.  When I sent it to myself, all that I have typed in is still in a yellow Field Box.  So frustrated.  I wanted to do this after I created the template.  I don’t want to keep creating a template for each recipient.

2 replies

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@RLC Law - Yes, you can create a template as you described and pre-fill them for each client.  When you create the template, the address, matter, and salutation on each agreement can use the pre-filled tags found under Pre-fill Tools (Use Text fields and label them under the Data Label).  The system will prompt you to fill them before you send the envelope.  The Client name can be one of the standard fields.  


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