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I’m new as an Admin to DS and new to DS in general and while I understand how to create a template, how does the sender add customized information to the template before sending?  We have templates that have the same body but require many fields completed internally first; different company names, locations, rate of pay and other highly specific fields that the sender needs to fill out within the template prior to sending out for review and approvals.

For example, we hire ABC company, sender pulls up the template for that region but needs to fill in all the specific contract information, then sends the envelope out for review/signature.  The edits to the template are done internally and would be needed prior to sending out envelope.

Happy to watch a training video for that specifically if there is a link.


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Hi @JSimpson !

There are some possible solutions for your scenario, but each of them may or may not apply to your use case. Let me share some of them:

  1. Add the sender as the first recipient in the flow of recipients. This way, the sender can fill in all the necessary text fields, and after that, the flow will continue normally for the other recipients.
  2. When using a template, there is an advanced editing option for that specific envelope. This way, the sender can fill in the details before sending. Check this video for more information: Send an envelope using a Template
  3. If you have a Word document with the data, you can use Apply Templates, where you will use the document with the information filled in and the rest of the envelope will use an applied template. See the article for more information: Apply Templates Manually
  4. Use the Template Assistant (available for some plans). In this case, it is possible to fill in all the fields before sending the document, and the text will automatically fit into the document. Watch this video for more information: Create a Word Document Generation Template

Additionally, Docusign University offers a free, live webinar on the topic of Templates. If you are interested, sign up at:

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This is so helpful!  Thank you.

Option 1 was the only option I had thought of but wondered if there was an easier way. Looks like I have some more template education in my future.