content merge tag inside a conditional tag

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Can we add a content merge tag inside a conditional merge tag ? 

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@Divya - Can you elaborate on your question?   I think you are asking if you can add content to a field that is part of a conditional tag?  

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@JohnSantos - No I am asking will it work if I put a content select merge tag inside my conditional tag - For example, in a paragraph of a template, if field 1’s  value matches ABC , then display “123” value from field 2, which is a different field on the intake form, (field 2’s value is a merge tag coming from intake form) followed by in the same paragraph, If Field 1’s value on intake form matches XYZ, then display field2’s value “456” from field 2, which is again coming from intake form merge tag. Basically there is no standard text inside the conditional tag’s content section, it is again a merge tag from intake form. I think this works. But just wanted to check

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You sure can!  You can use as many as you want within the conditional text.

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@Divya - Yes, it will work.

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