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I have a live Powerform where a candidate needs to sign first, I have tested the URL link and have been able to sign the document successfully. However when we share the URL, candidates are getting the below error:

Unable to load PowerForm, invalid template ID

What could be causing this issue? Please help 😣





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@MLA - The "Unable to load PowerForm, invalid template ID" error typically indicates an issue with the template ID associated with the PowerForm URL. 

  • Ensure that the template ID in the PowerForm URL is correct. The template ID should correspond to a valid and active template in your DocuSign account.
  • Verify that the template is shared with the correct permissions. If the template is not shared appropriately, it might not be accessible when the PowerForm URL is used.
  • Check the settings on the account, where the Template is housed.  Check for restrictions and access issues.

If all the above steps are verified and the issue persists, it might be helpful to create a new PowerForm from the same template and test the new URL. Sometimes, recreating the PowerForm can resolve any underlying issues.

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