• 12 June 2024
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Just wondering if anyone knows why docusign randomly changes the signing color.  I prefer the customer I’m sending the document to be in yellow however it sometimes randomly changes it to blue and I am unable to change it back.  Kind of annoying.  Nothing in preferences that I can see to set it.


Also, Is there a way to increase the duration of inactivity where it logs me out?  Mine is set really short.  Sometimes it logs me out before I’m even able to take a phone call.  Also annoying.

I’d appreciate any info. 


3 replies

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Hello @Mayette! Hope you doing great.

Welcome to the Community. If you looking for changing the signing color. then go to eSignature and navigate to settings and then click on “Brand”. and here you will get the option of changing color. I am slo attaching some support links below for your reference.


1.. Add a Signing Brand for Recipients
2. Customize Themes for Sending Brands

3.Custom Logos for Sending Brands



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@Mayette And for increasing the duration of timeout you can navigate to the signature settings and then “security settings”

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