Can all the signers of the envelope be displayed on the document to all the recipients ?

  • 14 June 2024
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I want to know if there is a way to display all the signatoryies with tags  on the envelope to all the listed recepients on the envelope.

Currently only the signer can see where he needs to sign  and has no visibility if the other persons before him /her has already signed. I understand that this is dictated by the signing order.  

We have a requirement in our company to display all the signers listed to receive the envelope and be able to view on the envelope who has signed  and whose signature is pending.

I have not come across this functionality yet. . 

2 replies

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Hi @gita !

Recipients who are in their turn to sign can access the entire history of the envelope, in addition to viewing the Certificate of Completion with all the details of the people who have already signed, and can also view the same details when accessing the envelope through their Docusign account.


If the recipient, whose pending signature is on their turn, they should accesses their Docusign account and will be able to access the envelope and view all the recipients' details, as below:


In addition, they will also be able to check the envelope history durign the signature cerimony (Other Actions > View History):


And, if they still want to see more details, they can access the Certificate of Completion (Other Actions > View Certificate (PDF)):

The steps described above will only work for recipients who have already signed or are in their signature turn. If there is a signature order and the recipient's turn has not yet signed, they will not be able to see any information until their turn arrives.


Please, let me know if I answered your question!

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Hello @gita ,

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