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  • 14 June 2024
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Hi all, 

Is there a way to include a time stamp as part of the general fields? I cannot work out how to add a time stamp next to the date signed. 


6 replies

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The date signed field can be configured to include a time stamp.

This is an account wide setting and can be configured by your Administrator under Signing Settings.

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Thanks, Michael. I am an admin user and still cannot find the Signing Settings tab. Below is my view.


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This is the Docusign Admin interface, you need to switch to the eSignature Admin.

You can do this by clicking on the 9 dot icon and switch the application to eSignature.

Or you can click on Accounts and then on the eSignature account you want to configure.

When you are in the Docusign eSignature Web App you need to click on “Settings” in the top navigation.

Once you are in the Docusign eSignature Settings you will see the Signing Settings in the menu on the left.

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Thank you. This is my view when switching to eSignature. None of these tabs contain a Settings section. 


However, if I click on my initials in the top right of the screen, I have the below view which contains a Regional Settings/Time and Date section. This is all correct but there is no option to add a time field when preparing a document for signature. 



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It looks like you are not an Administrator for eSignature in that account. You can check that in the Docusign Admin under Users by searching for yourself and checking your user profile.


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