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  • 10 July 2024
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I am needing help in sending a document to one person’s multiple email addresses. For instance, a company email address and a personal email address where the person can sign from either email

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Hi @Stacie1343 !

Usually, each recipient must have only 1 email address for signature, this way, all controls and history of the envelope will be much more accurate. If your recipient has multiple emails, we recommend that you choose just one and center the envelopes at this email address.


However, depending on your account plan, there is a possibility that you can create a Signing Group just for this person and add all of their emails to this group. A Signing Group sends the notification to all emails at the same time, but only requires 1 signature from this group.
Signing Groups are typically used when you have several people authorized to sign a document, but you only need 1 signature.

Please, check more information about Signing Groups here: Signing Groups Overview