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  • 14 March 2024
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Hi! Help me understand if the second party who has been sent a document to sign can make edits to it in a "Suggesting" mode like google docs, not only leave comments. Is there such a feature in DocuSign?

Thanks in advance!


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@Jane Smith

DocuSign eSignature is used for signing documents that have been agreed upon before. As you stated there is a comments functionality in case something is unclear and needs to be discussed between the parties, but there shouldn’t be changes in the document wording.

However, changes to the document itself are not possible at that stage, as the final document has been converted to PDF when uploaded. The signature fields and other fields added to the document are overlayed on the PDF, which cannot be edited at this stage.

DocuSign offers the option to negotiate contracts with external reviews, but that functionality sits currently within other product like DocuSign CLM or DocuSign Negotiate for Salesforce. After these negotiation the agreed upon document is then handed over to DocuSign eSignature for the signing process.

The editing or “suggesting” part would need to happen before the document is uploaded to eSignature and you can collaborate via Google Docs or exchange documents via Word if you do not have a CLM system.

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Thank you for your quick and detailed answer!

Help to understand, is the editing done in the interface or through microsoft word 365? So in the second case it is necessary to download the document as shown in these instructions? 


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@Jane Smith 

DocuSign Edit is only available for CLM and an alternate option to using Office 365. In both cases you do not need to download and manually upload the documents, as the software tools will do this automatically.

This is not related and available for DocuSign eSignature, where you need to upload a new document version, if you want to make changes to the template.


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I see DocuSign CLM doesn’t have a native editor for contracts, counterparties will be sent a secure link that they can click on to review the contract

If they choose to add redlines and make modifications to the contract, they’ll then need to download a copy from DocuSign CLM into Word, where the usual process for adding tracked changes can be used. 


But you write the opposite. 

Is there a video that shows how this works?  My company is interested in integration, but it is important that the second party has the ability to make edits (red-lines) directly in the interface without additional uploading and downloading of the file.


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I hope you are doing well. I went to the conference and I think the new IAM tool has a better way of giving counter parties ability to attach documents and gives them a to do list.

If there are any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out.
Very Respectfully,
Justin Jiang