New Search Function - "Name" search producing no results

  • 12 March 2024
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Using the new search function in CLM, using Name (under CLM Document Details) does not produce expected results. Goal is to narrow search results to text embodied in name (and exclude document text).

Searching on “Name exists” produces only small number of documents that have that field populated.

  1. Why is Name parameter not finding CLM Document Details Name?
  2. How do we search by CLM Document Details Name if not using method described above?

2 replies

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Hi Joan!  To perform an exact text search, enclose the Document Name in “” marks.  Alternatively, you can do a partial match search by searching with an asterisk, for example:  Acme - Master Service Agreement*

If you need further refinement, I recommend you click on the “All Filters” option and select Name as your filter and then defining that exact document name.  

As this feature is newer, we are still gathering feedback and examples.  While the “Share Feedback” link does not appear to work, you can always raise the issue with your account team so they can pass to the engineering team responsible for Modernized Search.

Here is a Support article to help guide you on manipulating the modernized search engine:

I hope this helps and have an excellent day!

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I suggest using attributes to search and folder location as well.