Managing overdue tasks in DocuSign CLM

  • 22 February 2024
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Our department is looking for a better way to manage overdue tasks in DocuSign CLM.  Currently, if one can’t get to their tasks that are due today, the due date is automatically bumped to the next day by the workflow.

Just curious how other customers are managing their tasks in DocuSign CLM.

3 replies

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Hi @Alnguyen !

Thank you for your post! To answer it, I would say this will largely depend on how you operate in your company/department. Some other customers determine a due date for some human steps, and if this due date is reached, it was foreseen in the workflow to send to another Step (for example, sending to another task group or perhaps returning to the step owner previous). However, this does not mean that the scenario you have internally is “wrong”, it’s just a different way of operating.

The great advantage of the DocuSign CLM workflow is the great possibilities for customizing the flow.

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I recommend creating a dashboard per departments, and highlights outstanding tasks.


We are doing something similar because my Team insists on using task Due Dates. In addition to automatically extending the due date by a day, we append “PAST DUE” to the Task Name.   


We are also providing our users to Extend the due date for 1 of our Steps.  We have a primary Routing Step which cannot go past due or multiple sub-flows fail.  We are doing the following:

  • Due Date is an Attribute and used for the Task Due Date
  •  In the Routing Step, there is an option to Revise Due Date:
    • User changes the Due Date Attribute, then selects the Revise Due Date option to get a new Task with the new Due Date