Managing Contract Dates

  • 25 March 2024
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How in Docusign do I manage contract dates so that I can see what dates contracts expire?  By expiring I mean the actual contract, not the signing date.  Is it possible to get reminders of contracts when they expire in 3 years?

2 replies

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This functionality is part of DocuSign CLM and you can set up reminders either manually or automatically depending on where the document gets generated and if the expiration date is accessible as data point.

For additional information, please review this DocuSign Support Article.

If you store the contract end date in an attribute, you can also set up a rolling report to e.g. view contracts expiring within the next 180 days without setting up a reminder for them.

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You can set up reminders to do so, and automate reports send to you based on expiration date.