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  • 7 March 2024
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I created folders and moved the envelopes in there. I want to shield some folders from some users. How do I do that?


2 replies

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Hello, Wilbert


By default, a DocuSign eSignature user only can see envelopes and folders created by them.

Example, Johnny has a eSignature account. He does login. In the Manage option, he will only see his envelopes and folders. Nobody else will see/manage his envelopes except if an Admin Shared Access with other users in the account.

That said, if you want an user can see/manage others envelopes, an Admin must use the option Shared Access, select the level of shared access he wants to grant, the period and which user(s) will get this permission. See the figure below:


An Admin can see others envelopes if he shared access from others users to his account.

Now, if you want to create Templates Folders to add templates, you can share the templates individually or share an entire folder with others.

I hope that helps,


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I hope you are doing well. If you are referring to CLM, you can go Security in the Manage Tab. You can great groups of users to expedite this, instead of adjusting permission of users one by one.

If there are any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out.
Very Respectfully,
Justin Jiang