Envelope Limit - Start and End Dates

  • 31 March 2024
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I just opened a personal account and am using DocuSign for the first time. I have a limit of 5 envelopes that I can send each month. Would anyone be able to tell me if this limit applies from the day I signed up? Or is it simply monthly, as in the 1st and last day of each month?

For example, if I signed up on 3/29 and sent 3 envelopes before 3/31, do I get another 5 envelopes as of 4/1? Or do I only have 5 envelopes from 3/29 - 4/29?

Any insight or assistance is appreciated. Happy holiday to all who celebrate!





2 replies

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Hello, @JordanMatthew 


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Your second question is the correct answer.


If started you personal account plan on 3/29  so it will complete a month (30 days) on 4/29. Based on that, every 29th day in the month you will get the 5 envelopes. 


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@Alexandre.Augusto  Do envelopes ever expire?