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  • 25 April 2024
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I have an agent who wants to transfer 100+ Rooms to an adim. is there a way to “Bulk Transfer”?


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Hey hey Tim, we have some options here I’ve outlined below - sorry I missed you in NYC for #Momentum. Thank you for joining us and hope you had a fantastic experience!!!!  Your path here will really depend on the use case for which way to go 🎯

1. Room Ownership Change - not a bulk option, must be done for each Room that the user wants to share or 'transfer'.


2. The option to 'bulk' transfer Rooms is best executed when closing a user account and the rooms need to be transferred. More on that here:

3. If the above 1 or 2 won't resolve given the actual use case, you’ll need a support ticket 🎟 with specifics about the transfer request (including agent info) and an ACR will be generated so the Rooms are transferred manually on our end by a DB Admin. Generally, ACR is done when transferring more than 100 rooms so per your request here this may be the appropriate path


Our hope is this helps! Let us know back here in Community or via your ATeam if you have any questions. Thank YOU 🙏 for your continued adoption and support on the Docusign for Real Estate Platform!!! 

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Thanks for the options- If I close the agent and transfer all Rooms does it transfer just “Active” Rooms or does it transfer “Review” and “Closed” also? Thanks again 

PS I really enjoyed NYC Momentum conference.

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Hello @Tim Charbonneau ,

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