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  • 21 March 2024
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When an agent retires from the real estate business does the office have the ability to access their contracts ?

5 replies

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Responding your question:

An DocuSign eSignature account always will have at least one Administrator (best practice is to have at least two), such Administrator can use an option called Share Envelopes from one user to another, so in your case, the retired agent surely has an user and all his contracts still in his account even if he left the company or his users was Closed (Disabled). The Administrator can share his envelopes with another user who will have the permission to see the retired agent envelopes.


However, it’s important to highlight that each business has their Security and Compliances rules, based on that they can decide to keep all envelopes doesn’t matter who sent or delete the completed envelopes after an amount of time.

In summary, the office can access the envelopes if they are the Administrator of the eSignature account.


I hope that helps.


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Thank you!

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You can also transfer envelopes within the account across users 1x1 or via a bulk transfer using a CSV.

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Thank you!!

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