No one is receiving the document to sign by email, what do I do?

  • 4 September 2019
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Hello, I have problems with people receiving the document by email to sign. They are not receiving the email, I already checked that I typed the email correctly from everyone and everything is fine, I resent it and yet only one person received it. What may have happened?


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6 replies

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Did you use a Signing Order? If so that means only the Recipient who needs to take an action will receive a notification. Signing Order acts as a sequential signing process, so if you have 5 Recipients, only Recipient 1 gets a notification to take action, once they have completed their action then Recipient 2 is notified by email to take action and so on. If you did not use Signing Order then there are a variety of reasons the Recipient might now receive the notifications as outlined in this DocuSign article...

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I sent it over from zipforms and they have not gotten it. W[hat can I do?

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@Donna Slavey​  This should still create a Sent envelope in your DocuSign Account under Manage, Sent. I would suggest accessing your DocuSign Account locating the envelope and resending to start. You can also check the accuracy of the email address and correct if needed.

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I’ve done all that
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There is the possibility that the emails are being blocked on the client or customer side. The followinf article refers to a few receiver issues that include but not limited to rejections by firewalls, spam filters, etc. I would recommend the Recipient (customer) check with their internal IT or Helpdesk to check on incoming email to see if anything from DocuSign was refused, deleted or rejected.

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Thank you guys. I managed to solve, I did not know about the order of signature.