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  • 25 April 2024
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Is there any documentation available on how to use the Salesforce ETL step?

I’m interested in querying a Salesforce field value at a certain point further downstream in my workflow and not at the start of the workflow (or as part of a Doc Gen form).



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It looks like we do not have anything documented on our support site. However here is an overview of the step properties: 

Salesforce Object Type (required) = Asking for the API name of the Salesforce object to query.
Salesforce Object Id (required) = Asking for the 18 digit object ID to query. This is likely passed in at the start of the workflow.
Radio Button Options (one option is required) = Choose one of these options to query Salesforce with
Configuration Document = Something like a text file with which you've built the query
Configuration Variable = Variable that contains the query
Configuration Document Generation Form  = *Simplest option in my opinion* Document Generation Form which contains the fields to query from Salesforce. The form and fields are all connected to Salesforce. See screenshot for example. No doc gen configuration is needed - just the form. 

Output (not required but useful) = Set your variable to store the output of the query which will be the requested data from Salesforce 

Sample workflow step properties:

Sample document generation form (for a different object then the above screenshot):


I hope this provides you with some good guidance for moving forward!