Add a word count or limit characters to a text box.

  • 10 May 2024
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Is it possible to add a word count or add a limit to a text box in the doc gen form in CLM?  We are adding a text box field which is also used to capture the metadata from the text box attribute.  However, the attribute is limited to a 400-word count.  

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Best answer by Thomas Bazzi 13 May 2024, 10:18

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You could use a Regex that checks if the text exceeds 400 characters.

Note: this would work only for Text fields, not Text Box fields. The purpose of the text box fields is usually to assist with contract creation and formatting, not to populate the attributes (especially when Rich Text is used).

To implement a Regex for a Text field: 

  • Go to the field properties in the Doc Gen form
  • Under “Validation type” property, choose “Custom Regular Expression”
  • Add the Regular Expression Pattern: ^.{0,400}$
  • Add a custom validation message that will be shown to the end user