ID Evidence with Liveness - copies of ID stored

  • 15 March 2024
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 We are currently testing ID Evidence in our DocuSign account. In order to allow this to be used across the organisation, our compliance team need a short summary around where the ID Evidence data is stored to ensure our privacy policy is up to date and to satisfy a few other requirements. From the documentation we can see that it says it is stored in 'the DocuSign service' and only the sender can access. However, I can't see anywhere that refers to what the 'DocuSign Service' store is other than (for us in Europe) it's a data centre in the EU. Can someone help me explain in layperson terms where the ID data is stored, in what format, and how security is guaranteed? I have raised a support call a few days ago but I’m just being directed to the support pages, which doesn’t give me what I need, and this is holding back my testing now.


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Hello, @Chicgeek 


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Your question shows your company concerns about Data Security, Compliance, Legal, and Privacy.

In the Information Security scope there are many things taken in consideration. There are many approaches to take care of vulnerabilities as well threats. That said, there are some details regarding how the certificate is stored, where, etc. those will not be revealed.  Since there are a lot of threats and cybercriminals looking for breaches or do a hack, some information are not revealed, in IS terms: Obscuration. 

DocuSign’s datacenter and technology got the most advanced Security Certifications in the market. For example, USA agencies use our platform.

Based in the DocuSign Certifications obtained it’s clear to see the data is stored in a secured way, if you search for details for each Certification then will see everything they encompass.

Some useful articles:
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You mentioned an opened case with our Support team so ask to them call you, give all details or questions that you have, they will know how to address that with a Information Security expert, but as I mentioned, some details are not revealed.


I hope that helps,


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Thank you Alexandre that was very helpful.