data verification data - how are you using the results in your organization?

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hello my friends.  just looking at adding the new docusign functionality for data verification to my application process.  i am wondering how other organizations are using the data they get back to make decisions or are you using it in the envelope on the fly to force the correct response? 

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Hello, @RonniCarthron 


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I think they are using for both purposes.


In a first moment, to validate information on the fly during the signing process making the data entry more accurate.


Perhaps, they can mix that with Conditional Routing when sending an envelope to who must sign it.


After an envelope’s conclusion download the form data from the envelope to a .CSV then taking other business decisions. 


Since the Data Verification is relatively a new feature, we don’t have at this point enough data to make a 100% affirmation how most of the organizations are using it.


Let me know if I answered your question.




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