Webform: Can't get to Signing page

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Hello, I created a webform for my company.  Yesterday it was used by an associate.  I was contacted because the webform would not advance to the signing page. I’m not finding anything explaining the issue I’m having.  Anyone have any thoughts?  What can cause this?  Are there any issues with webforms?


Any info is appreciated.  

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the first thing to check is to ensure that all required fields are populated and any data entered meets the respective validations.  Tested my demo account a few moments ago and all seems to be working fine.  

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Hi James, Thanks. 

The associate went thru completing the webform with me on a zoom call all fields were completed there is no validation on the form; I saw that the webform was not advancing to the signature page around 3:40pm PT. 

I just tried it in production and it worked for me. 

Were there issues yesterday that would cause the webform not to advance? Is there any root cause to get the blue circle just spinning on a webform? 

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Hi Ann Marie,
There were no issues that I am aware of on the DocuSign cloud which can be checked here however that doesn’t mean that any internet slowdowns at any point between the user and the data canter may impact the performance of eSignature. 
Personally when this happens and it takes too long I refresh the screen - sometimes successfully, sometimes otherwise….

Like any other cloud based solution out there, DocuSign is dependent on internet connectivity and we have little control over this - just like roadworks on the the interstate as a driver…..

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