One WebForm, Multiple URL's

  • 16 April 2024
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I am working alongside a business unit that would like to start tracking where their WebForm Envelopes are originating. For example, we have WebForm 123 the URL link is then shared on a Website, used in a marketing campaign, or embedded in an internal application. When my unit receives the envelope, they aren’t sure which source that envelope originated.

I’m attempting to find the best solution here that doesn’t have my team managing 5+ versions of the same WebForm, so I’m hoping someone else in the Community has encountered the same hurdle. 😀

To note, we are attempting to use the prefill function but can only get it to work if the field is editable which puts our responses at risk of being incorrect. And of course, using an API for this is not supported internally at the moment.

I’m open to any insight, suggestions or condolences! Thank you!

7 replies

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@Christina Griffith - Hi.  You can add a custom document fields to your PowerForm URL as parameters.   You are only managing one template but you have different URLs depending on the source (Website, marketing campaign, internal application).   More information here:  Populate Custom Document Fields in a PowerForm (

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Hi @JohnSantos! Apologies for the delayed response. This is really great information. We’re attempting this in WebForms though not PowerForms, which has a similar functionality but doesn’t allow us to prefill read only fields without an API. I appreciate your help, I’ll keep updated on the releases and see if DocuSign deploys anything that may be of help here. 

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@Christina Griffith - You are absolutely right.   I missed the point that it is a WebForm and not a PowerForm.   I’ll keep my eyes out for a solution. 

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@JohnSantos Thank you! I appreciate the help! Have a wonderful day!

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@Christina Griffith 

At this point in time you cannot pass additional parameters via URL link, like it is possible with the PowerForm and I am not aware that there is a plan to allow this in the future. Web Forms can be pre-populated with data via API only, which you stated is currently not an option due to internal support.

Therefore, at the moment making a copy of the Web Form and e.g. include an Envelope Custom Field specific on each Web Form that is then embedded in the different areas of the web site is the only quick solution at this point in time.

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Hello @Christina Griffith ,

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@Michael.Rave thank you for the advice!