Revoke ocument generation permission from CLM Viewers

  • 10 June 2024
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We need to prevent users with the CLM Viewer license from accessing the document generation forms. Those forms are accessed thru the Actions Menu.


Best answer by Pawan Gangwani 20 June 2024, 21:55

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2 replies

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The correct title would be Revoke document generation permission from CLM Viewers 🤦🏻

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Hello @MatheusAlcantara,

So you wanna restrict or we can say hide CLM viewers the generate the document option in the “Action Menu” right?
If yes then you have to follow 2 tasks.

1. Create the “Group” and add all the CLM viewers in the group.
2. Go to the “Navigation & Action” in CLM admin.
   1, Select the group you created in “Who is this for?”
   2. select “User navigation Header” in “What Are you Customizing”
   3. Go to the “Action Menu” and turn off the button of configuration name.
   4. Click Save.

Attaching the Screenshot for the reference to follow the process.

Thanks! Mark it “BEST” if you find it right.