Revert to Older Workflows?

  • 13 June 2024
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Is it possible to revert to an older CLM Workflow? 

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Hello @Jeremy.Metzler! Hope you doing great.

Welcome to the Community. It is possible in an way that you can see the older version of workflow and make the configurations according that and revert it. 

The workaround is you can open the older version which always “Non-Editable” but yeah you can see it and make the changes in the current version. 

1. Click on the publish icon on top right corner.


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Also, it might depend on which version you want to revert to.  If you have a different number to the left of the decimal, when you open it you should see a Publish button, and can re-publish that version. In other words, using the example above, while you cannot publish v2.12, 2.13, etc. you should be able to publish the latest point version of 1.x

I hope this is helpful!

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Hello @gail.okin 

I appreciate your findings but this only work when any workflow version was not published or saved draft.
it is not about the numbers.