Downloading all relevant historical documents at once.

  • 11 June 2024
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Could you please provide more info. on below as these are required for our project on priority.

  • Download all documents at once and put it in one storage point with proper folder structure with specific contract number. Currently limit is set to only 20 contracts.
  • There is no direct spring CM to Spring CM instance transfer. (download and upload option not available). can  migrating all contracts to a new Docusign (SpringCM) instance.
  • Creating Approval groups without lot of manual activities.

  • Filtering Contracts rather than going at account level (account by account). Also, display limit is only 1000 contracts. Is there a way to increase the number.

Thanks for the help.

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1 reply

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Hello @Paramesh.bada 

Welcome to DocuSign Community! Your requirement is way out of box and interesting too.

1. Yes there limit of 25 document at once which by product default. 
2. When it comes to the migrating documents from one environment to other environment, Which i am not sure but working one project which has similar use case and if the integration successful, will pass the knowledge base.
3.  As per my knowledge, that is not in feature limit.
4.for increasing the number you can reach out to the DocuSign support to access.

Thanks! Mark it best.