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I’ve now at a point where my workflow creates a doc gen form, applies attributes and gets reviewed and sent out for signature with (currently) a seperate attachment ie waiver added at when it switches over to eSignature.  both the Doc Gen form and the waiver is signed.  This is being reviewed and signed and comes back into the correct customer folder once signed.  I would now like to be able to add a sub folder within my customer folder to seperate the doc gen forms and waivers to keep it looking tidier.  Or a sub folder for the two items I’ve just had signed.  I’ve looked at the questions and my workflow training but cannot see how I do this.  Could someone assist? 


Thanks shelley 

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Hello, @sjclv 


You are welcome to the Docusign Community!


In your workflow you need to use the “Create Folder” Step.


Using this step you should specify the parent folder hierarchy so the new folder (or subfolder) will be created under the parent folder. You can select Use this folder if it already exists in case the new folder being created already exists. In general, you should store this new folder in a variable to use later in a next step in the workflow, as for example, to Move or Copy a document to the folder.



I hope that helps!




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Hi Alexandre, thank you for your response.  

this is the first step which works - creating a new supplier name in my parent folder.  This happens prior to signature. 


I’m now trying to create a sub folder within that variable folder once the document has come back in after being signed. 

 Does this look correct? 



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Thank you - this is has now worked.