CLM: Conditional Test using Percentage > 0

  • 5 June 2024
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I’ve had an issue with a conditional test for a Docusign Gen template in SF since the last docusign update and I can’t seem to figure out the solution.

I have a contract that should populate information about scholarship/discount information if the field in salesforce (a percentage) is greater than 0. I don’t want the information to populate if the client isn’t receiving a discount. This is the XML I’m currently using.

<# <Conditional Test="number(//Account//Opportunity/Scholarship_Discount__c) > 0" /> #>Scholarship Applied: <# <Content Select="./Anticipated_Scholarship_Financial_Aid__c"/> #> <# <EndConditional/> #>

The Scholarship_Discount__c is a percentage field in SF. I’ve poured over a the Admin guide and other articles linked at similar questions to no avail. When I create the documents, there are no errors listed, it’s just blank.

 Can anyone help review and diagnose?

1 reply

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Hello @SaltmanOBCA , I hope you doing great.

I wanted to asked one question, you do not want to populate the information on Template right? Based on SF field.