Best practices and use cases in document generation

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Our company has just implemented CLM and I found myself wondering about the use of forms and templates in the document generation section.

We have four different documents that are generated in CLM:

  • standard contract
  • standard amendment to an existing contract
  • events (when our company hires an entertainment company for a specific period)
  • custom (the user fills out a form but the legal instrument is going to be specifically built for this request)

Those consulting partner responsible for the initial setup decided to create, for each of those described above:

  • 1 Configuraton
  • 1 Template
  • 1 Form

But when I started to study more about the logics of CLM, I realized that the system allows me to create different combinations of forms and templates (Word files) and use those combinations in various configurations.

I am aware the each configuration can start only one workflow. But besides that I don’t see anything that stops me from unifying some of my documents in the same form, and therefore in the same configuration.

Does anyone have an opinion about this?  


Best answer by Pawan Gangwani 29 May 2024, 08:37

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I am aware that* each configuration...

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Hello Matheus, Hope you doing great.

What are you specifically looking for? Can you state that so  I can help you.


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Hello Pawan, thanks for reaching out.


Currently our CLM has 1 form to each document type it generates. Some of those documents have the same information on them, as the only difference between them is the type name.


So I’m thinking about getting rid of one form, and use the other to generate both document types. However I don’t if this is the best way to go.

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Hey there,

Okay I understood, If both the forms have all same fields and just the difference is one field “Type Name” or “Document Type”.

  1. First mark one form which you wanna use and create one dropdown field named “Type Name” or “Document Type”. In which user gonna select which type is this. and then you can use same form to generate the different type of documents.
  2. other you can use “Configuration” to generate different document type using same form.