Attachment to Doc Gen Form.

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I’m building a simple workflow - using a doc gen form and I want to be able to add an attachment to it.  I’ve added the attachment field to the form as per below.  I’ve used the drop down ‘attachment’ field and allowed the attachment to be uploaded form computers. 

When testing the work flow the form it allows me to add the document required without error - however when it comes through to review and send for signature the name of the document is there only - no actual attachment.  I require a signature on this document. 

I’m having trouble finding where I’m missing a step.  Can anyone help?  





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Hi there,

To add an attachment to a DocuSign document and ensure it's included for review and signature, follow these steps:

  1. Add Attachment Field:

    • Ensure you have added the attachment field correctly to your DocuSign template.
    • Go to your template, and add an "Attachment" field where you want the recipient to upload their document.
  2. Configure the Workflow:

    • When creating the envelope, ensure the attachment field is set up to require the recipient to upload a document.
    • This field should be properly assigned to the recipient who needs to attach the document.
  3. Check Field Settings:

    • Verify that the attachment field settings are correct. Make sure it is marked as required if needed.
    • Double-check that the recipient has permission to upload attachments.
  4. Send and Test:

    • Send a test envelope to yourself or a colleague.
    • Complete the form, ensuring the attachment is uploaded.
    • Review the document after the attachment is uploaded to ensure it appears correctly.

Troubleshooting Tips

  • Attachment Field Visibility: Ensure the attachment field is visible and accessible to the recipient during the signing process.
  • File Upload: Make sure the file upload completes successfully. The attachment should appear in the review section before sending for signature.
  • Signature Configuration: Ensure the document that requires a signature includes the attachment field in its configuration.

Example Steps to Ensure Attachment is Included

  1. Create or Edit Template:

    • Add the "Attachment" field in the document.
    • Save the template.
  2. Create Envelope:

    • Use the template to create a new envelope.
    • Ensure the recipient is correctly assigned to the attachment field.
  3. Recipient Upload:

    • Test by sending the envelope to yourself.
    • Upload the required document when prompted.
  4. Review:

    • Before sending for signature, confirm that the uploaded attachment is visible in the review stage.

Common Mistakes to Avoid

  • Field Assignment: Ensure the attachment field is correctly assigned to the recipient.
  • Field Requirement: Mark the attachment field as required if the document cannot proceed without it.
  • Review Stage: Verify that the attachment appears in the review stage before sending for signature.

If you still encounter issues, refer to the DocuSign support documentation or reach out to their support team for further assistance.





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One easy way to ensure that the attachment is added as a second document into the envelope is to first combine the two Document Ids into one variable on your workflow. Then add that variable in the Document line on your Review and Send For Signature step. Here’s how:

-Presuming both your generated document and the attachment are in variables within your workflow, that means the Document Id node will be present within the schemas of those variables.  So on your workflow, you’ll want to create a variable to hold both Document Ids (maybe call it Combined_Docs or something like that) and then add an Update Variable Value Step before your Review and Send for Signature step.

In the Update Variable Value step, add your Combined_Docs variable as the one to configure. Then in the New Variable Value line, open the Expression Builder.  You will parse the Document ID node in both Document variables for your two documents, and separate them with a ‘|’ (pipe) symbol. It should look something like this: 

-Now you have a variable that holds both documents, effectively.  Add this variable onto the Document line in your Review and Send for Signature step, and both docs will be in your envelope right at sending:


Good luck!

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Thank you both - I will give these a go!