Hate new view how to go back to old view

  • 14 May 2024
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Does anyone know if we can go back to the old view in esignature Agreements.  The new view takes up to much space causing me to scroll to see everything.  I have multiple folders on the left that I file completed envelopes in, I send documents for 10 different companies.  With the update I can’t see the folders without constantly having to scroll and then click the Show More.

9 replies

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There is no option to revert back to the old user interface for Docusign eSignature.


Can we get a petition going to get DocuSign to change the interface back to what is was previously? This new interface is functionally and aesthetically ABYSMAL. I use DocuSign every day for work, multiple times a day. Everyone on my team at work also despises this new interface. DocuSign made a HUGE mistake with these changes.

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Hi Stacyh:

Not sure if you have this option - but when I click on the checkbox next to the ‘envelope’ name I get an option at the top of the screen to “move” - which lists all my folders. Maybe that would help with your scrolling?




I am having so many issues with it as well. I can’t find anything and it seems like now I don’t have access to things I had before! 


This is such idiocy.  And this is totally unacceptable to not have a better interface for those that have used it for over a decad eand need to quickly scan to find the information needed. I don’t ned the font so BIG - WHY WHY are so many websites screwing us over so they can “optimize for mobile” 


Completely agree with what others have said. The new interface isn’t intuitive at all, and the font/spacing/overall appearance is dreadful, particularly when trying to navigate shared template folders. 


I agree, the new interface takes up too much space and hides part of the report menu. The font is so large that I reduced the web browser from 100% zoom down to 90% zoom so that i could set report dates to custom dates.  

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Hello everyone, 


Thank you for reaching out here in the DocuSign Community.


I understand you are looking to revert back to the previous UI.


Unfortunately, the UI won’t be reverting back, however, any feedback that can improve our users’ experience is always more than welcome. 


If you’re a Docusign Administrator for a corporate plan, you have the additional option of filing your request directly when you’re logged into your account. You’ll be able to click the “Give Feedback” button at the bottom of the screen to submit your idea.


Let us know if you need further assistance with this.


Best regards, 

Nathaly | DocuSign Community Moderator 

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Not only is the unfortunate UI causing issues, but the updated system also impacted being able to search and find policies in general. Prior to the change, I had no troubles navigating the platform and finding the appropriate envelopes. Now, I’m lucky if the search box actually does anything at all--even blink and pretend it’s going to search something. There were so many easy quality of life changes that could have been made to improve this platform, but instead we are left with a semi-functional and much less efficient platform.