Disable Identity Verification?

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I have issue for unable to disable the Identity Verification setting. From the documentation I read that I can disable this feature from DocuSign eSignature settings under Signing and Sending section, but when I enter the settings (on production account), there’s no such menu.

If I go to developer account, I can see the Identity Verification menu, but the only verification is Configured by DocuSign, which mean I can’t deactivate the verification (from my understanding, it shouldn’t be matter because the setting is for demo/development stages).

Right now my company owner require to disable the verification to simplify the signature process. How can I disable the verification when it not exists/visible under production account?

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@TEH - You might need to Contact DocuSign Support in this case.  If you're unable to find the Identity Verification setting in your production account, reaching out to DocuSign support would be the first step. They can provide you with guidance specific to your account and help you navigate any settings that might not be readily apparent.

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If you are an Admin in the Docusign account and you cannot see the setting than it is most likely that you have not purchased the feature. Therefore, it is disabled by default and not enabled on your account at all. Can you confirm which Docusign plan you are on? Have you purchased Identify verification separately?

If you receive an envelope from a different account and it is configured to required an identity verification you have to perform it, regardless of your own account configuration and settings. The sender of an envelope specifies which features are required for a recipient to be completed.

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The plan is “Basic API Plan - 40 envelopes/mth-Envelope Allowance” because we have our company management system and want to integrate with DocuSign via API to send envelopes/documents. At first I was confuse which plan that I needed since our system need to be integrated, so I’ve reach support two months ago and they prefer me to choose basic API plan since we use the API.

And for API call on sending envelopes, I didn’t set any workflow that require identity verification, I’ve tested 15-20 send envelopes call on development stages with same send envelopes payload, it never asking for identity verification on dev. So after we deploy into production (after pass the requirement), suddenly we’ve being asked for identity verification.

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Hello @TEH ,

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Hello, @TEH, did you ever find a solution to this issue. We’re having the exact same problem. E-signature API in production (Embedded signing) is requiring users to verify identity. 

We do not have it setup anywhere to do so and would like to disable it. Can anyone help us out?

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Hello @sanctuary ,


Welcome to the Docusign Community and thank you for posting your concerns!


I’m sorry to hear that you did not see the option, I understand you are looking to disable the verify identity feature.


But as John Santos stated, It would be best you contact Customer Support to have the feature looked out in the backend. Please open a Customer Support case by clicking the link below, and we’ll address your request as soon as possible.  


  1. Select Open a Support Case at the top of the page.
  2. Select the Continue button beneath eSignature, Rooms, and CLM. Note: If you're a DoD customer, select DoD Customer Login.
  3. Log in using your Product credentials (email and password) and select Continue:
    1. The Docusign Support Center requires login credentials for a Production account. The account can be a Trial account, but it must be in a Production environment (i.e., not a Demo or Sandbox environment).
    2. Have issues logging in? Try these troubleshooting steps.
  4. Select a Case Subject. Note: If you have multiple DocuSign accounts, a pop-up will appear. Select an account to continue.
  5. Select any of the resources under ‘Need Answers Fast?’ that address your issue.
  6. If that doesn't answer your question, select the Add Case Details button.          
  7. Complete the case form.


Let us know if you need further assistance with this.


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