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  • 23 April 2024
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I have two companies that perform similar but slightly different jobs.  We have two people who are sending out DocuSign forms-one person from each company.  I thought that I had designed it so that the new company using DocuSign would have its’ own individual branding (colors and logo) but it seems to have changed the docusign branding for the initial user and her DocuSign requests as well.  Is there a way to set up the branding within one account for two different companies?


Any help you can provide would be welcomed...

2 replies

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You can set up different brands in a Docusign eSignature account. There will always be the default brand for the account, but you can set a branding on a group level.

However, you can create a brand for each company and a two groups, one for each company. Then you can assign the appropriate brand to the correct group and add the users to the group with the branding they should use.

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