Broken Logo Files

  • 19 April 2024
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I have updated our new logo files, but they appear broken in both the preview and live environments. I have confirmed that they are the exact dimensions outlined in the requirements (296 x 76 for web, 150 x 150 for email), are an acceptable file format (.png), and do not exceed the file size maximum (300KB). I’ve attempted to save as .gif and .jpg as well, but the issue persists.

Attached are the files I’m using and screenshots of the previews for both signing and sending.


What am I doing wrong?

2 replies

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Hello, @Broken Logo Files 


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That’s happened because you’re using an image without a background color (transparent background) so the results looks like that you sent in the question.



However, after saving and sending an envelope with new logos, you’ll see them clearly except if you’re using a Header background color that is not a good match for contrast.

Have you tried to send an email using this Logo? I did a test and the email looks like this:


It seems ok.


Let me know,


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@Alexandre.Augusto I did try uploading the jpg image (which has a white background) and still saw the broken file icon in the previews. I’ve attempted both a signing and sending test and both times the logos do not appear, nor do the updated colors. I’m hoping it’s just a delay in the system.