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  • 22 February 2024
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Is there a way to send a different Email body for completed emails notification?

Right now, docusign just picks the original email message and subject and appends some text for the completed email.

With the resource file, I could update the subject for the completed email. But for the email body my requirement is to show a part of original email message, (like a substring). Is it possible to modify or access Data:emailblurb within resource file and just extract a part of it to show in the completed email.


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3 replies

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There are two methods for adjusting the content of emails sent by DocuSign to recipients:

1. Utilize the `emailBlurb` parameter within the `envelopeDefinition` object. This approach allows for modifying specific elements of the email message for each envelope but comes with limitations on the extent of customization.

2. Modify the email resources file associated with your account. Unlike the first option, this method applies changes account-wide rather than per-envelope, offering greater flexibility in customizing the overall appearance and content of emails.

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Since there is no option to modify or extract a substring out of Data:emailblurb within resource file, I just did a work around. In the emailblurb, I am just sending the text which will remain constant across different scenarios like, send/resend/complete and the remaining text I’m hardcoding it within the resource file.