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How to Earn Badges and Increase Your Rank

  • 2 January 2024
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How to earn profile badges on the Docusign Community:

We’re making the Docusign Community a better place to interact with other users and recognize your expertise in using and building with Docusign by awarding points and badges for your valued contributions. Earn badges for every Best Answer awarded to you by the original poster, along with your contributions from replies and posts. As you participate more in the community, you’ll rack up badges and points to showcase your expertise.

Your badges will be displayed in your user profile with points earned from your posts, replies, and best answers. 




How to increase your community user rank:

As you make contributions on the Docusign Community, you will begin to accrue points that count towards your community user rank. As you earn more points, you will progress through the ranks. You will be given a new rank name and icon for each rank that you achieve. The actions that earn your community badges (posts, replies, and best answers) are also used to calculate your community user rank. Work your way up from the first rank of a community “Observer” up to the top rank of a community “Legend”.

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