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How to Create Helpful Answers to Questions

  • 2 January 2024
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How to create a helpful answer to someone’s post:

To leave a thoughtful response, ensure the answer is laid out clearly and in an easy-to-read manner. We offer line breaks, bullet points and numbered steps that you can use to craft responses. This will help readers quickly scan your response and follow along without reading through lengthy, hard-to-understand answers. 


We’re fostering a collaborative environment where you can help others find the correct answer to their Docusign-related questions and get all your questions answered by your fellow community members. 

Here are a couple of pointers that can help make sure you are creating helpful questions for other users:

  1. Craft clear and concise responses that are easy to understand.

  2. Offer context and examples that demonstrate how your solution can be applied in different situations.

  3. Suggest additional resources such as articles, FAQs, or other community posts that provide further information.

  4. Remember to edit and revise your answers if new information becomes available, or if community feedback suggests changes are needed.

  5. Ensure that your tone is always helpful, friendly, and respectful towards other community members.


How to accept the best answer to your question:

If you have received multiple answers to your Docusign-related question, you can let other users know which answers are best and helpful. 

To select the best answer to your question, click Select as Best below their response and it will push the answer to the top of the post where it’s most visible. This lets other users know which answer is helpful, so they don’t have to skim through all the available answers. 

You also have the option to Like an answer with a thumbs up at the bottom, which lets other users know you find it helpful, even if it’s not the best available answer to your question. Think of it as giving them kudos for their work, which is always appreciated and lets others know it’s a relevant response. 

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