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What is Docusign IAM?

Docusign IAM offers a suite of applications built for the specific needs of various individuals, teams, lines of business, and industries. These applications enable organizations to create, commit to, and manage their agreements across the entire agreement lifecycle. By using Docusign IAM, customers can accelerate revenue, reduce risk, and unlock value from the agreements that run their organization.


What is the agreement trap?

The Agreement Trap is when valuable contracts and agreements are treated as dumb, flat files to be stashed away like last year's tax returns instead of becoming integrated data assets that accelerate and grow your business. 

If your hard-won, carefully negotiated, and critically important contracts and agreements aren’t working for you, if they are just a box of flat documents collecting dust, or files in a drive somewhere you are stuck in the agreement trap and you're missing an opportunity to unlock massive value. 

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What is changing with the launch of Docusign IAM?

The launch of Intelligent Agreement Management (IAM) marks a significant transformation for Docusign, evolving from a primarily eSignature-focused company to a comprehensive solution provider for end-to-end agreement management. Docusign IAM offers businesses a centralized platform to create, negotiate, sign, and manage agreements while leveraging automation, analytics, and collaboration tools.


Key changes with Docusign IAM include enhanced agreement lifecycle management, AI-powered intelligence, customizable and integrated solutions, improved collaboration, and a continued focus on security and compliance. These advancements enable businesses to streamline their agreement processes, make data-driven decisions, and work more efficiently while ensuring adherence to relevant regulations and industry standards.


What are the applications of IAM? 

Docusign IAM offers a suite of applications built for the bespoke needs of different individuals, teams, and industries. The initial set of applications include: 

  • Docusign IAM for Sales streamlines sales contracting, enabling sellers to create optimal deals more independently, close them faster, and extract more value from them over time.
  • Docusign IAM for Legal centralizes and simplifies agreement processes, freeing legal resources from the burdens of routine and manual oversight that distract from more strategic, high-impact work.
  • Docusign IAM for HR amplifies and automates employee and candidate agreement processes, saving time and resources for over-extended HR teams, and allowing them to focus on people, not paperwork.
  • Docusign IAM for Procurement streamlines agreement generation and management throughout the procurement process, eliminating delays and last-minute purchases, optimizing outcomes, and reducing procurement resource wastage.
  • Docusign IAM for CX simplifies and automates the agreement process for product managers, and enhances the agreement process experience for their end customers.

These applications enable organizations to:

  • Create agreements in a way that is collaborative, automated, and integrated with all business processes and systems.
  • Commit to agreements faster, more securely, and with a better end-customer, partner, and employee experience.
  • Manage agreements dynamically by breaking down the data hidden within, unlocking value, and eliminating unnecessary risk.


Am I ready to bring the power of Docusign IAM solutions to my organization?

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