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Customer Spotlight: David Schmitz

  • 14 May 2024
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Customer Spotlight: David Schmitz
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Today, we’re thrilled to shine a spotlight on one of our most active and influential community members: David Schmitz. And this name might sound familiar to you, as he has led the Docusign Community leaderboard time and time again.  A longtime Docusign admin at Montana State University (MSU), David has demonstrated how involvement in the community can lead to enhanced knowledge for himself and his colleagues. His story is a testament to the power of community involvement and its impact on personal and professional growth. 

“I really threw myself into the community right when I started at MSU. Answered as many questions as I could, and you know, interacted as much as possible,” David said about his commitment to the platform and its members. Throughout his career in technical support, David has used the Docusign Community as a powerful resource for problem-solving and sharing insights, allowing him to become an invaluable asset to the university and its students.  His dedication to answering questions and assisting others has become a defining aspect of his professional journey. 

David's community engagement has positively impacted his career and work at MSU. "Improving my knowledge so that then, in turn, I can continue on and provide that to other people at the university," he said, noting how the community has allowed him to enhance his skills and better support his colleagues.

As a result, David has become an essential figure in the Docusign Community. "I’ve seen a lot of the problems that exist and what people are going through. Finding solutions to those particular problems can help others too.” By fostering connections and sharing expertise, David exemplifies the immense potential of the Docusign Community for those who fully embrace its resources and opportunities because answering one user's community question can help one thousand users in the long run.

Ultimately, David's journey with Docusign showcases the importance of community involvement and how it can lead to personal growth, career advancement, and a massive positive impact on others. The Docusign Community is proud to have such an engaged and committed member in its ranks, and we look forward to David's continued contributions to the platform.

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​Thanks for all that you do for the Docusign Community, David!

- Gabriel Hollandsworth

Docusign Community Product Manager


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